Friday, February 17, 2012

How would a Dominican who's 25% black and has a thick Cibaeno accent be treated in Puerto Rico, a majority white country (80%)? Is Puerto Rico racist towards non-whites like in Argentina, Uruguay and other majority white latin countries?

And another question, how similar is the Puerto Rican culture to the Dominican culture? Will it be hard for me to get used to the customs and everything?

Thank you.|||They will be treated with respect and kindness if they are respecting local and federal laws. Many Dominicans have made Puerto Rico in the past including Charytin, stylist Magali Febles, Dr. Nancy Alvarez (television talk show host), Brimania Rios (television reporter), etc. Even members of my family who have married Dominicans and have mixed Puerto Rican-Dominican children love the island as they welcome anyone who has married into a Puerto Rican family with open arms.

Puerto Ricans, like any other nationality in the world, dislikes illegal immigration and the crime that comes with it. In the Dominican Republic, Haitians who cross the border to look for work are mistreated and many don't have a voice to protect their rights. In Puerto Rico, there are local and federal agencies such as the EEOC and the Comit茅 Pro Derechos Humanos de Puerto Rico that protect those who can't fight for themselves.

You will be treated like a queen as Puerto Ricans are the most hospitable people in the Caribbean. If you respect the island's laws, traditions and most importantly your fellow man, than you will feel right at home on the island.|||n Puerto Rico we dont care if youre dominican, dont come here illegal here we get very angry and you got to understand us puerto rican are not racist like you dominicanos with your own people, in puerto rico there is no white, black, brown we are just simply boricuas o hispanic

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|||That depends in the community you choose to live in, your mentality, education background and the type of people you choose to socialize with. Not any different than any where else. If you deal with educated, respectful non low self esteem people, then you won't experience ignorant behaviors. To say that ALL Puerto Ricans or any race in particular, is very racist is to say a specific race does not have moral standards. To believe such statement is ignorance in every sense of the word!|||ok there are a lot of dominican people here in puerto rico so is nothing out of this world to see ANOTHER dominican here so its like"whatever" we don't give @#&* but yeah people DO make fun of dominicans here because of the accent and people in here think that in general dominicans are more "dumb and stupid"(1,000 jokes about dominicans being dumb) i have even heard friends saying"you are so dominican!" when some one said something dumb or stupid

(im not saying that's the way i think, but it is the way a lot people think here)

AND A BIG NO! the culture here is really different, because our culture has been really "Americanized"(people here don't like to admit it but its the true)
we don't say : estacionamiento,estanteria,emparedado etc instead we say: parking,counter,sandwich etc. so yeah we wont kill you because you are dominican , and we will not make fun of you in your face but in your back people will do make fun of you(not everybody).|||I have no idea where these people get to answer so many stupid thing. Yes, Puerto Rico is over 80% white and they don't want more Dominicans there, example, police brutality for just being dominican, jobs are not available to dominicans or black people, housing in high rise buildings and some communities does not allow dominicans. For god sake, people get the right information before answering and stop acting like ignorants.|||LOL 80% white? Believe me, everyone in here has some black in them. There used to be a saying that went like "Y tu abuela donde esta?". Meaning that if you say you are white puertorican yoiu are lying because "el que no tiene de dinga tiene de mandinga". LOL. Dominicans have more black mixed in, but it is essentially the same ethnic group and almost the same culture.|||Puerto Rico is not 80% white... it's a mix of taino indian and whites there... Puerto Rico,DR and Cuba are all similar in lifestyles and cultures so you'll be more than ok. Look at how the Puerto Ricans and Dominicans get along in NY|||it depends they are people that make fun of dominicans...actually they are not agressive or rude whit them, but yes they make fun of them and their accent|||Puertorricans are very racist against Dominicans there are so many dominicans jokes here. Puertorricans feel superior because they have lighter skin plus the U.S. relationship|||They are treated like normal human beings.|||you are welcome


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