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What are the main foods they eat in puerto rico? Like signiture foods??|||Rice and beans, mofongo, tostones, red snapper, dorado (mahi mahi), lech贸n asa'o (barbecued pork), morcillas (blood sausage), pollo guisa'o (chicken stew), carne guis'谩 (beef stew), mariscos (seafood), 3 leches cake and some others.|||Rice and beans are eaten with almost all meals. Meats include cow, pork, chicken, goat, dove, and rabbit along with others.
They also eat all kinds of fish, octopus, crabs, and oysters.
Hope that helps, and if you need anymore information on Puerto Rico go to:|||Yellow Rice with Green Pigeon Peas , Roasted Pork, Pasteles, Alcapurrias, Bacalaitos, Mofongo..

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  • I have been out of the u.s.a for three months. Is Puerto Rico part of the u.s.a? Can I report myself in Puerto Rico being a green card holder?|||Yes, Puerto Rico is a US territory. If you have your passport and residency documentation you should be able to go through US Immigration and Customs in Puerto Rico.|||YOu can get Danish green card and travel anywhere..its also easy


    Did anybody hear about the vote that's going to take place tommorrow? Congress is going to vote on whether to add Puerto Rico as a State in the U.S. or not. What do you guys think? Do you think Puerto Rico is going to be added?|||No, they're just voting to authorize a vote by the Puerto Ricans.|||no. i dont htink so theyve been talking about it forever and it still hasnt happened.|||They vote ABOUT every ten years and are usually divided. 33% want to be a state, 33% want to be independent and 33% want to remain a territory.

    It's up to them, but I hope they join us. They're already Americans so why not get that electoral vote...|||Israel beat them to it.|||Depends on how many more votes the demoRats (liberals, socialist) need to have an anti filibuster majority. There are more people per capita living in public housing in Puerto Rico than anywhere else in the US.


    I asked a girl from Puerto Rico if she wanted to hang out and she seemed to think I was asking something really serious. Like a date or something. Does that mean something different in Puerto Rico? I was just interested in hanging out as friends . . .|||maybe she's not interested, sorry. if someone wanted to hang, i'd be like sure.|||And that's a problem? Have sex with her if you can, man. Why do guys complain about stuff like that? W'the hell are ya, gay? tap dat a**, man


    1) I am not a US citizen
    2) I have a valid US driver license
    3) I don't have a passport
    Can I flight to Puerto Rico? How long ago did you last flew to PR and what identification you presented at the airport to go and come back? Please answer only if you are 100% sure of the answer, Its very important for me! Thank you very much.|||Sure you can... with a valid US license yo can get in and out of Puerto Rico - 100% positive - I currently live in PR but travel quite a bit for business. Traveling to US territories is the same as traveling with in the continental US. There is some talk to change this and require a passport to re-enter the US from the Caribbean and US territories with the Western Hemisphere Travel Initiative (WHTI), but the law for US territories has not passed. There is some talk that for 2010 or 2011 this law passes and then passport will be required to re-enter the US from US territories - but for now your are safe with a valid US license that is not expired.|||I am a us citizen from the virgin islands and all i needed was my id. But my mother is not a us citizen cause she's from st. martin and all she needed was her drivers license and her green card thats all she ever uses to get by anywhere. The last time she went was in July. But because of the new laws that are suppose to be coming out she's going to get her passport in Miami next month just to be on the safe side. You should probably think about getting yours too for future traveling. Hope this helps.|||I'm assuming that if you're NOT a US citizen, as you state, that you will need a valid passport of the country you are from if you are not flying from the US. If you are flying from a point within the US and you have a valid DL, you're probably ok.|||I just came back from PR 2 days ago and all I needed was my license. I am a US citizen.


    Ok it's not going to happen in the NEAR future but I want to start looking into moving to Puerto Rico. So I need to know where to start to do my research about housing, careers, locations to avoid, and general NON-TOURIST information. It's not about a vacation, but about living everyday life there. So is there a website people should go to who plan to actually move to PR and live and not just vacation?|||I highly suggest the Rincon/Aguadilla area. Breathtaking beaches and nice surfing. I also suggest San Juan, excellent nightlife and culture (however, crime here is much higher than in Rincon, which is a very safe area, so beware).|||Honestly, the best way to go about this is to actually go there for a week, talk to locals, drive around and SEE the areas to know where you'd like to rent. Trying to figure all that out on a website is tough because a lot of times things are different when you actually get there in person. Specifically for Puerto Rico I would go in person because the zoning laws there are different than the states. You will have residential and industrial buildings all mixed up and literally in San Juan, you'll see nice apartment complexes right next door to buildings that have been condemned. In terms of employment, you should check into the laws surrounding legal employment in Puerto Rico. You can go to the government's website to get that info.|||Why don't you go on a quick vacation and talk to the people who live there. I was there for a week and a half last spring and loved it and I wasn't in the glitzy tourist areas, I was traveling cheap, lots of driving to destinations. The only hostel in PR is in Rincon and its pretty nice. The people are friendly and it seems like a nice area to live if you pick a good spot, (the nights were a little loud). Traveling in the southwest area of the island was a lot of open country, Cabo Rojo, Guanica, all nice places. Paradores are also cheap places to stay, its like a dorm style bed and breakfast. I stayed at Paradore Caribbean Paradise and ended up having dinner with one of the owners who splits her time between NYC and PR, she was very friendly and told me a lot about the country. Thats how everyone I spoke with was, especially at the places I was staying. Go down for 4-5 days and explore.|||i moved here a little over a year ago, to finish school so i knew where i was going and what to expect cause i had been travelling here all my life... what are the things that are important to you? do you prefer a metropolitan atmosphere? are you straight country? do you want a mix of both? those are things to think about...

    you're best bet is to come down here on vaca and really explore... outside of the touristy areas and see what kind of atmosphere you'd like...

    not like me but if you are really interested post that you are and we can talk about it some more- i'll send you my e-mail or facebook... i can really identify with what you are going through and have a few friends down here who do as well....

    good luck!|||we have a beach house place in naguabo,east of the island for rent in a good price. you can call the Office at 408-910-0544|||travel in an army car, don't get caught with drugs, learn Spanish, etc.

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  • I was just reintroduced to my puerto rrican culture like 4 years ago and since then i have been into reggaeton,Bachata,and all that i am trying to plan a trip to puerto rico how much does it usally run you...where to stay and things to do let me know???|||Wow thats cool, Good for you! Its defintiely a good idea to come see the land of your roots & you will enjoy it too b/c its gorgoeous :) If you are flying from the east coast US the r/t plane ticket will cost about $350-$500, from anywhere else it might be more. Hotel obviously depends on where you stay & for how long & when. High season is Nov-April & the hotels will cost more $$. San Juan is expensive but you can find cheaper hotels there too, around $80 is cheap in SJ. I would suggest renting a car because there is so much to do & see on the enire island, but that would cost more $$. You can stay outside of SJ too. Dorado, Fajardo, Rincon, Ponce.. etc are all nice areas too. Just search around on the internet & see what you like. Spending money also depends how you spend. You can eat cheap in PR, there are roadside food stands everywhere, but if you like fancy restaurants you will need more $$. While you there, you can visit Old San Juan & el Morro Fort, the Bacardi Factory tour, El Yunque rain forest, Vieques & the Biobay, Camuy caves, Arecibo telescope, Caguana or Tibes indian park, Seralles Castle in Ponce, & more.. Enjoy :)鈥?/a>|||I live in puerto rico,its beautiful, cool and everything but its too expensive.If you want to go here you should search for money.It may cost a 500 dollars the airplane and like 1,000 or 2,000 for food , hotel and excursions.I recommend you not to stay in a hotel in san juan because is too expensive but if you have money good luck