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I plan on moving to Puerto Rico soon and I have a 1 year old daughter. I just wanted to know what are the good areas and how I can go about looking for a place safe enough.|||Did you know there are MORE Puerto Ricans LIVING IN THE US and in Puerto Rico?.. did you wonder WHY?

My first question to someone like you is ARE YOU FLUENT IN SPANISH.. The only jobs you can get or bottom rung, service jobs and you MUST BE FLUENT IN SPANISH TO GET THEM... so are you fluent in SPANISH? Also, Unemployment in PR is about 50 PERCENT, so if the LOCALS can't get a job.. just how good to you think YOUR chances are of getting a job?

Rents are higher than in the US.. a nice apartment will run from $800 to $1500 PER MONTH and the only bargains in food are the locally produced foods.. anything that has to be shipped in will run 20 to 30 PERCENT higher than in the US. Also.. MEDICAID is NOT ACCEPTED in PR and MEDICARE is only good for 30 DAYS.. you do know this.. right?

When you come to PR you need to have at least $5000 IN CASH to carry you through for 6 months until you can get established. I have lived in the Caribbean for 20 years and I have seen HUNDREDS of Amerikans and Europeans who come to the Caribbean every year.. they think they are going to find a good job and buy a shack on the beach.. they spend what little money they brought with them.. find out there are no jobs and the only shack lined beaches are in the MOVIES.. they blow through what little money they brought with them and then go back where they came from.. sadder and a whole lot poorer.

Puerto Rico
http://www.topuertorico.org/tinfo.shtml|||Good areas? South and East
Schools? I suggest private schools. Not all are terribly expensive, but if you want your daughter in a top ten, then make sure you saved enough.
Jobs? I do not know your credentials so it depends if you want a dead-end job or a good position at a company. Usually the latter will prefer people who are fluent in English.

To the poster who said unemployment in PR in 50%, I do not know where he/she got his facts but it is actually 16.4% as of April 2011 according to U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.

You need a car. Public transportation is really limited and a nightmare. All in all just stay out of anything that has to do with public agencies.

Housing- If you live in the metropolitan area houses and apartments are expensive. Also anything that might be near the beach or any historical monument is expensive. However, you will have lots of choices and prices will be cheaper if you avoid those particular locations.

Like every other place you should be careful for your safety. It's nothing out of the ordinary as people might want to assert.|||If you have independent means, your own money and do not need to work, then PR is a great place to live. San Juan is a major metropolitain area, heavy traffic and fairly high crime. They others are right, you need to be able to afford private school for daughter. PR has been in a recession for the last 6 years, unemployment is high, crime is high and prices are high. If you have a low tolerance for loads of BS when dealing with the government or anything bureaucratic this place isn't for you. The red tape, hoops and watefulness is rediculous. San Juan has the highest rent, it's less the further you go from it and the beach but the further you go the less people you will find that speak english. If you are fluent then you won't have any problems, if you aren't you will soon grow tired of never being understood or you will learn it fast. Good luck.|||they're having some economy trouble ( or at least they did a year ago, i had to move because of my dad's job ) but i think it has gotten better. i grew up there for 13 years so i know a lot about it and i can tell you i grew up perfectly.
the problem is, you need a lot of money.
i grew up in private schools and they're really expensive.
public schools are just horror, i once visiter one and i just can't explain it.. its terrible.
from pre-school to 6th grade i attended Colegio Rosa-Bell, it's actually a very good school and not so expensive compared to other schools. It's located in Guaynabo, Puerto Rico.
after 6th grade i moved to Colegio Marista de Guaynabo. it's the BEST school ever, and catholic but that school is veeryy expensive, but also on the top 5 schools of all puerto rico.

you just need some money but it's a very beautiful place and if you have the money i guarantee you that you're daughter will grow up happy, just like i did.

btw, i recomend living on the East coast (Guaynabo, Bayamon, San Juan, etc.) it's in better conditions than the West coast (Mayaguez, Cabo Rojo, Hormigueros, etc.)

Hope i could help a bit.. :)|||I only suggest you move to PR if you have money enough to raise your daughter in a very good environment like private schools and house or condominium, no public places or public apartments.
If you dont have the money to do so, then its best to raise her somewhere else were your daughter deserves a great environment.

private schools in PR can cost a lot depending also how prestigious it is.
me and my son went to private schools most of our lives.
Public schools are horrible and very mediocre, they have no funds and teachers are miserable.
Daycares are not as good as in the US, I personally dont trust daycares.

If I were you I would google up all the information in the internet and check it out.
I like the west and southern area of PR its more relaxed and not so crowded as the metro city area is so crowded its stressful unless you love the city life.

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